Welcome to VPOD-TV – Chicagoland’s newest OTA station.

We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of VPOD-TV (Jan 1, 2021) into the Chicagoland market. Our current call numbers are 59.3, servicing Chicago, Peoria, and the surrounding suburbs with an audience of over 10 million viewers.

In addition to our OTA network, we are available via Roku, streaming and on-demand via our website (vpodtv.com) and other streaming television services such as Hulu and YouTube.

Any affiliation with VPOD-TV comes with access to all of our additional affiliates and service at no additional cost.

From classics to talk centered, hosted content

As a new station, our current programming is set, but ever flexible and changing. Our current lineup consists of a combination of classics, talk centered, hosted content, indie films, original comedies, and infomercials. as we grow, we’ll continue to accept additional original content as well as build programming in-house.

To stay informed on all of our programming updates, please contact one of our sales representatives or sign up for updates via email.